APEIRON Biologics AG, based in Vienna, Austria, is a biotech company with a focus on biological and immunological approaches to treat cancer and related conditions. The company was founded by Professor Josef Penninger and became operational in 2006. Apeiron currently employs 30 people and is led by a management team with strong background in drug development, especially in cancer immunotherapy.

Apeiron's lead project APN311, an antibody-based therapy to treat patients suffering from neuroblastoma (a rare childhood cancer) has completed clinical development and is about to be submitted for marketing authorization.
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  • 348 hits26 February 2015

    Apeiron Announces Start of a Phase I Trial with a Unique Cellular Anti Cancer Therapy Triggering Immunological Checkpoint Blockade

    Apeiron’s project APN401, based on the collection, stimulation and subsequent re-administration of a patient’s immune cells, is being investigated in a clinical phase I trial performed at a renowned, academic medical center in the United States.


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